- Article 1 -

Championship Institution

With reference to:

a) the Statute of the Mediterranean Horseracing Union, art. 3, that states among the Association’s specific missions there is the organisation of an annual competition named “Mediterranean Championship”;

b) the resolutions of the Mediterranean Horseracing Union Board regarding the Mediterranean Championship name, calendar and regulations;

the annual competition named “Mediterranean and Black Sea Drivers Championship” is established, according to the enclosed calendar that is part and parcel of the present regulations.


- Article 2 -

Participating drivers


Participating Countries are not obliged to organize a challenge to be inserted into the Championship circuit, but they can participate to it all the same with a representing professional driver.

Each participant country assigns for each challenge its representing driver, following its own modalities and provided that that driver fulfils the following requirements, except specific derogations:

- won at least 25 races in career or, only for the countries with a calendar of 100 or less trot racing days per year, participated in at least 50 public races in career with at least 5 victories;

- has a forfeit list issued by his/her federation declaring the number of victories and places he/she achieved in career, the number of driving licence and its validity, that he/her has no punishments for the date of the race he/her is scheduled to run;

- has an insurance covering professional risks in race valid abroad.


- Article 3 -

Participating countries


Each of the organizing Racecourse Society commits to schedule, in the dates established by the enclosed calendar, a trot race of which the specific conditions allow a driver of each country participating in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Trot Championship to run.

Any horseracing Organizations and any Countries not members of MHU – provided they are authorized by the Board to do so - may participate in the Mediterranean Drivers Championship and organize competitions of the Championship too.

The horseracing organizations members of MHU that, within the day of deliberation of the Championship calendar, will not have paid their member fees for the current year and/or will not be on time with the instalment plan agreed with the Association for the settlement of the eventual outstanding member fees, will not be allowed to organize competitions of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Drivers Championship.


- Article 4 -

Organisation of the legs

Each organizing Federation of a Mediterranean and Black Sea Championship challenge will commit itself to provide the hotel accommodation and the ground services for the drivers participating in the challenge and for the representatives designated by each of the associations participating in the challenge in the limit of 3 persons by each country.

In order to permit to the representatives of the countries who need a visa to reach their nation to obtain it per time, it will have to send the nominative invitations to the participants as well as the necessary documents to the consulates at least two months before the date of the race.

In the event that the number of drivers should exceed the number of the available horses, a drawing will designate the participating drivers, with priority for the driver of the organising country; the eliminated drivers will have priority for the following leg.

Each organizing Federation will encourage the trainers to put an appropriate number of horses at the drivers participating in the Championship challenge’s disposal, in order to permit them to race.

It will also commit itself to prepare the race selected to be a leg of the Championship, according to its national regulations, with conditions having the purpose of:

- granting the equal level and a good standard of the horses that will be at the competitors disposal;

- performing a public drawing of the horses among the drivers participating at the presence of a Mediterranean Horseracing Union representative;

- having a number of horses as much as possible equal to the number of drivers of the Championship participating in the leg, with a maximum surplus of 3 horses, except eventual exceptions due to the national Regulations of the various countries;

 - allow for the presence of horses in reserve to be allocated to the drivers participating in the championship in the event of withdrawal, subject to any exceptions resulting from national Regulations of individual countries.

For each Championship leg, should a representative of the Mediterranean Horseracing Union not be present to all the connected operations, the organizing Member will have to nominate a responsible clerk with the task of: 1) assisting to the public drawing of the horses making a video of it and communicating the starting declaration of the race in real time to the Union Technical Advisor; 2) checking that the participating jockeys and drivers have been officially appointed by the racing authority they represent in the race, have the forfeit list and the other requirements established by the regulations; 3) transmitting to the Technical Advisor, at the end of the race, the following documentation: official arrival order, forfeit lists of the participants and video recording of the horses drawing.


- Article 5 -

Points and classification

During each of the challenges points will be given to the drivers and to the countries in relation to the results of the race.

The results of the horses assigned to drivers not participating in the championship are excluded from the classification for the points attribution.

At the end of the challenge a nations classification will be drafted.

The Driver having earned the most points among the representatives of the first classed country will be appointed Mediterranean and Black Sea Champion.

In case of æxequo the number of victories will be considered, then the number of best places and, should the æxequo persist, a drawing will be performed.

For each leg the points will be designated as follows in relation of the arrival order of the race.

a) For the legs in 1 race:

12 points to the first; 9 to the second; 7 to the third; 5 to the fourth; 3 to the fifth; 2 to the sixth, to the seventh and to the eighth; 1 point for each participant which does not place himself in the 8 first places.

a)   For the legs in 2 races with different horses, the final amount of points will be the average of the points assigned to each driver in the 2 races according to the scores indicated in point a).

 c) For the legs in 2 heats with the same horses inverted according to the arrival order of the 1st heat.

Points per each heat:

8 points to the first; 6 to the second; 5 to the third; 4 to the fourth; 3 to the fifth; 2 to the sixth, to the seventh and to the eighth; 1 point for each participant which does not place himself in the 8 first places + 2 points bonus to the drivers who arrive among the first 5 in both heats.

d) For the last leg:

- in case of single race:

24 points to the first; 18 to the second; 14 to the third; 10 to the fourth; 6 to the fifth; 4 to the sixth, to the seventh and to the eighth; 2 points for each participant which does not place himself in the 8 first places.

- in case of last leg run with 2 heats:

the scores will be computed by calculating the average of the points got by each driver in the 2 heats according to the above sections a) (2 races with different horses) or b) (2 heats with the same horses and inverted drivers) multiplied by 2, before adding the eventual bonus.